Pleated face mask vs curved face mask

Around Easter 2020, we started making washable face masks in our alteration shop.

Initially, the design and range were limited, however with demand and specific requests from customers grew, and later the rules of wearing face masks changed to mandatory, we greatly extended our range and design.

Over the following months, we understood that there is no such thing as one mask for all. Some customers prefer pleated design while others curved or pleated with a nose clip, while others without any nose clip, some don’t like ear adjustable elastic while others prefer the choice of having an adjustable elastic. The size was another issue. While over the months, we were able to work on and adjust a pattern that fits snugly an average face, we still get regular demands for facemasks for smaller faces and others for larger faces or narrow and long faces.

We also designed a small range of facemasks that have only two layers. However, inside, around the nose and the mouth, there is a pouch with an insertable and washable 5-layer filter. We made these masks because of demand from customers who work in a dusty environment.

Customers, often ask us which is better-  a pleated face mask or a curved face mask? The answer is it is a personal choice. Some like the design of curved masks while others feel more comfortable wearing a pleated design.

 A pleated design face mask

A pleated design face mask on a mannequin


A curved design face mask

A curved design face mask on a mannequin